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Hey! You're reading the description!Thanks for watching the video, this is my first time doing a guide video and I really wanted to do something other conten

Orundum is a currency in Arknights . Description An artificial material commonly used to recruit operators. Made from Originite Prime, it also contains other minerals. In the past, it was used only as a conductive element, but it has since become a store of credit value. Contents 1 Usage 2 Acquisition 2.1 Originite Prime 2.2 Operations 2.3 Missions

1.1K. Involved and a key player in the story (Break the Ice) 756. Involved but in a mostly side role (Dorothy's Vision) 165. Involved but only as a bystander. 255. Not involved at all (Under Tides, SN, etc.) 93.

The rarest derivative of Originium, Originite Prime is very valuable due to its high energy yield - the highest of all Originium derivatives. However, this also makes Originite Prime more hazardous. Originite Prime can be used for the following:

SUBSCRIBE & LIKE PLEASE FOR MORE CONTENT! 😁LEAVE A " [ Orundum ] " IN THE COMMENTS TO GET NOTICED! expand me This video just explains how much Originium y

Orundum can be obtained in game by trading Originium Shards in a Level 3 Trade Post. Originium Shards can be processed in a Level 3 Factory using Orirock Cubes or Devices and LMD. Is it worth farming Orundum? First, make sure you have enough resources saved up for your Operators should you need them.

Originium Shards can be converted to Orundum via a Lv3 Trading Post at a rate of 2x Shards = 20x Orundum. Latest Content Want to talk about Arknights? Need help completing any Combat Operations? Consider joining our Discord Server! Email updates for Arknights. Sign-up for other newsletters here.

RT @ArknightsEN: Dear Doctor, Arknights Official Comic: Blacksteel is now in production. Meanwhile, Rhodes Island's Records of Originium series comic book is now in planning. Please stay tuned! #Arknights #Yostar . 15 May 2023 18:54:04

1 Device can produce 1 Originium Shard in the factory (ignoring requisite LMD ) 1 Originium Shard can be traded for 10 Orundum in the trading post 600 Orundum is needed for 1 Headhunting pull 1 real life hour restores 10 Sanity points Let's assume you are an avid Arknights fan who plays daily and never lets a single Sanity point go to waste.

Device and Originium Shard applies the same method to do it Q&A: Q: Why is there device included? just farm the 1-7 rocks A: Well you are correct but it's just an extra if you have already promoted the ops and mastered their skills that involves Device mats so just think of it as a bonus if you happen to gain an extra or reserved

When you reach level 3 trading post, you unlock Mining Strategy which allows for originium order to trade 2 Originium shards to 20 Orundums. Are you willing to pay ~120k LMD and ~579 Sanity for one extra pull? If yes, switch over to 1-7 to farm orirock cube and switch training post to Orundum orders If no, sorry for wasting your time >_

This is where orundum farming may provide better benefits to players, especially for F2P players. This guide is designed to help you get an additional 1800 AO from a weeks' worth of farming, along with having some progression for your normal base production be it a mix of gold or Exp.

The Originium Shard is a material in Arknights . Description An Originium shard collected from polluted regions. Can be used to produce Orundum. An Originium shard collected from heavily contaminated regions. Anyone who touches it has a high chance to get infected and even mutate.

You can exchange Originite Prime or Originium for Orundum, which can then be used to Headhunt for Operators. 1 Originite Prime equals 180 Orundum. Use to Refill Sanity Playing the main story will require using sanity. The sanity bar refills naturally, but it you can't wait, you can use Originite Prime to fill up it quickly!

Originite Prime or Originium can be exchanged for Orundum. 1 Originium will give you 180 Orundum. You can easily get Originium for clearing missions for the first time with 3 stars. Check Out How to Farm for Originium Here Other Ways to Get Orundum Complete Rookie Missions Rookie Missions are special Missions meant for Beginners.

How do you use Originium : r/arknights r/arknights • 2 yr. ago by hoursprings2213 How do you use Originium I like how useful originium are they recharge your sanity, buy you clothes, and exchange for orundum. I hope they make monthly missing where you get free originum like annihilation like 3-5.

Orundum (the red one) is used to pull the gacha. Each pull costs 600 Orundum (3.3 Originium), and 10 pulls costs 6000 (33.3 Originium). Orundum is obtained from the following: Daily mission reward. Weekly mission reward. Annihilation Mode Produced through the Factory. Exchanged from Originium (1 Originium for 180 Orundum) Tips:

Voilà tout pour les nouveaux opérateurs - Hoshiguma, Thorns, Glaucus, GreyThroat et Iris Si vous souhaitez en savoir plus sur Arknights, consultez nos blogs pour la communauté Arknights. Nous vous recommandons de jouer à Arknights sur PC avec BlueStacks en utilisant un clavier et une souris pour une meilleure expérience de jeu.

Originium (Chinese: 源石; Pinyin: Yuán shí; lit. "Source/Origin Stone") is a Terran substance acting as one of the main subjects in Arknights. Appearing as a black, semi-transparent crystalline mineral (although it has been occasionally seen in other colors like blue or gold), Originium can be found at sites of Catastrophes in large quantities, and is believed to play a role in causing

It's a matter of your personal philosophy towards playing Arknights. If you want powerful elite 2 operators, don't bother orundum farming, it's obviously the wrong choice. However, if you'd rather collect operators, orundum farming is the way to go. What does orundum farming do? The extra orundum you get from farming is very noticeable.

Originium Arts or simply Arts is the umbrella term for abilities to manipulate and transform matters and energy, using the power provided by Originium in the world of Arknights. [1] It is the primary "magic system" in the setting. The ability to use Arts seems to be natural for Terrans, and many people are at least capable of very basic forms

Orundum Orundum is Arknight's Headhunting currency, which you can use to take a chance at finding high-rarity Operators. Each Headhunting session costs 600 Orundum, while a 10-pull is 6,000. Orundum can't convert to Originite Primes, so think twice before making that conversion!

Originium is the game's rarest resource, which is awarded to you only for clearing 3-Star stages for the first time. You can otherwise obtain it through real-world money transactions. It might be a bit confusing to new players, but Originium and Originite Prime are one and the same thing and used in the game interchangeably.


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